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Re: CCIE #18411 posted 07/10/2007
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On 7/10/07, Keith Foster <keith.foster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I passed the R&S Lab yesterday in San Jose. I'm so amped that I can't
> sleep!
> This was my third attempt and this came after a 2 year break in studying.
> I
> decided to focus on studies after passing the written (again) back in
> February. I pretty much studied every day for four months before the
> attempt. It was very difficult because I work in the TAC which means
> normally I have to work on cases from home :)  I believe my TAC experience
> is what got me through due to the extensive troubleshooting skills
> required
> day-to-day.
> I don't know what I can offer for advice that hasn't already been
> said...but
> I would say don't give up in your studies. It was very difficult to start
> all over again from scratch. Just stay focused and committed. Even when
> you
> attempt the lab, don't give up. There was at least a couple of points in
> the
> lab yesterday where I said, "I'm not doing well...I'm not going to pass."
> But, I managed to push myself and the reward is so sweet.
> For my studies, I used Internetwork Expert's Class-on-Demand and the
> Version
> 4 Lab Workbook. The videos were essential in my understanding of a lot of
> the subjects. I would also advise to use all of the usual Cisco Press
> books
> for reference. The Doc CD also serves as a great reference. After each
> workbook task, I would search the Doc CD to not only make sure I knew
> where
> to find the reference, but also to read up further and understand the
> feature or technology.
> As if everyone didn't know, this is a great community of networking
> professionals. I found the answers to a lot of my questions here on
> Groupstudy. Thanks to all those who helped me and didn't even know it :-)
> Regards,
> Keith Foster
> CCIE #18411
> Cisco TAC, San Jose
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Ronald Angello
CCIE #17846