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CCIE #18411 posted 07/10/2007
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Hello All,

I passed the R&S Lab yesterday in San Jose. I'm so amped that I can't sleep!
This was my third attempt and this came after a 2 year break in studying. I
decided to focus on studies after passing the written (again) back in
February. I pretty much studied every day for four months before the
attempt. It was very difficult because I work in the TAC which means
normally I have to work on cases from home :)  I believe my TAC experience
is what got me through due to the extensive troubleshooting skills required

I don't know what I can offer for advice that hasn't already been said...but
I would say don't give up in your studies. It was very difficult to start
all over again from scratch. Just stay focused and committed. Even when you
attempt the lab, don't give up. There was at least a couple of points in the
lab yesterday where I said, "I'm not doing well...I'm not going to pass."
But, I managed to push myself and the reward is so sweet.

For my studies, I used Internetwork Expert's Class-on-Demand and the Version
4 Lab Workbook. The videos were essential in my understanding of a lot of
the subjects. I would also advise to use all of the usual Cisco Press books
for reference. The Doc CD also serves as a great reference. After each
workbook task, I would search the Doc CD to not only make sure I knew where
to find the reference, but also to read up further and understand the
feature or technology.

As if everyone didn't know, this is a great community of networking
professionals. I found the answers to a lot of my questions here on
Groupstudy. Thanks to all those who helped me and didn't even know it :-)


Keith Foster
CCIE #18411
Cisco TAC, San Jose