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RE: Re: IP mobility v.s. cell phone company data plan posted 07/09/2007
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Verizon delivered the antenna to me.

I canceled tomorrow's cable internet installation.

Now it is 400kbps constantly in the evening.

Never been this good.

But the antenna is outside. If any one steals my 
antenna, I will have to buy another.

I will order another antenna tomorrow as backup.

I have prepared for the worst. I don't screw the
connector that connects the antenna's cable to my
CDMA USB modem. I use a piece of aluminium foil
to wrap and connect the outer metal connection
screws. Wrapping it like rapping a drumstick for

This way, if someone pulls my antenna from outside,
the cable will detach from my USB modem without
pulling damaging my USB modem.

I move to this basement apartment. The antenna
uses a strong magnet and I attach it to the 
air conditioner's outside base frame.

Any neighbor children can pull the antenna.


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