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RE: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Site posted 07/09/2007
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3dns ;)

Roman Rodichev
5xCCIE #7927 (R&S, Security, Voice, Storage, Service Provider)
Instructor, Content Developer. ieMentor Corporation
Y!M: roman7927

-----Original Message-----
From: "Henry Ugwuadu" <ugwuadu@xxxxxxxxx>
To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 7/9/07 9:24 AM
Subject: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Site

Hello All,

I need help in setting up a second site that I can failover my network
to should there be problem with the main site. I want all servers to
have the same IP address structure. At the moment, all remote sites
connect to the head office. I have links set up from the same remotes
to a backup site. should anything happen to the head office, i want
all remotes to failover to the back up site and still have access to
servers and database which i have alraedy replicated there.

Thank you al.

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