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RE: Hotel in San Jose posted 07/08/2007
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I think Cisco is in Santa Clara.
Somebody please correct me if i'm wrong.


  From:  aminhaq@xxxxxxxxx
  Reply-To:  aminhaq@xxxxxxxxx
  To:  ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Subject:  Hotel in San Jose
  Date:  Sat, 7 Jul 2007 12:23:14 -0400
  Hello Experts/To be Experts,
  I was searching for some information about the Hotel near San Jose
  but didn't find any recent ones. The latest was 2003. So, if anyone
  would be kind enough to post some latest information regarding the
  accommodation and services (like Shuttle, food etc) I would much
  appreciate it.

  Thanks in advance.

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See what youre getting intobefore you go there