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RE: How to start again after failing your first try posted 07/05/2007
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Mohamed, it's natural to be terribly disappointed after such a huge
effort. I can't add anything new to the great encouragement you've
already received from GS. I'll just echo some of that advice and say
that you've got to get right back to studying. Take a short break if you
must but don't give up. 

The majority of candidates fail at the first attempt.
There are few (very few?) who've passed the lab on the first attempt so
don't let the disappointment from this first attempt discourage you from
trying again. 
Vijay Ramcharan, CCIE #14824 

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Subject: How to start again after failing your first try

Dear Group,

I failed on my first try 12 June 2007 , I prepared well for the exam
but the Exam stress and some stupid mistakes I made cause me much time.

anyway I need to start again and get ready for the 2nd try
I don't need what to do ??

I already read most of recommended books , practice a lot
my weak points are multicast, service, and security

I know that have to learn more about these and practice them more, but i
don't feel like studying again

any suggestion....


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