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Cisco router switch ssh pki management posted 07/04/2007
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Hi all,
Was wondering if anyone has worked on using a pki management rail for
there cisco infrastructure. Similiar how we can control keys in the
unices world ... Eg.. it's common security precaution not to use ssh
standard user/pass in larger or more secure environments so we use a pki
priv/pub key to increase security access tokens access to various
servers .. Now that most all ios images come with openssh I was
wondering about its ability to use management tools such as ssh-agent /
authentication ... Something like having a core linux or other flavor
linux mgmt rail host which is locked down via ios tools to only allow
remote connections from this mgmt rail host , but have the ability to
load .pub keys into routers / switches so that it is easier to manage
automated logins to scp out configs etc etc... Curious if others have
worked on this ...

thanks han