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Re: Eigrp network statement advertisement posted 07/04/2007
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Hi hansolo,

If you are running Eigrp just on fa 0/1 and not on fa 0/2
It will only advertise about the network address on the fa0/1 interface.
One way to advertise about the other networks will be
to run eigrp on them aswell.


On 7/4/07, hansolo <Hansolo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> You know in the theory books regarding ospf/eigrp routing protocols. The
> wildcard mask is not used to determine what mask/network you advertise
> but what interfaces with form an adjacency for the given protocol
> specified.. So if I have the following eigrp:
> router eigrp 1
> network
> Interface f0/1
> ip add
> interface f0/2
> ip add
> And I form an eigrp adjacecy out f0/1 with another eigrp neighbor I see
> that the remote eigrp neighbor out of f0/1 does not learn about other
> networks on my router.. So say on router R1 I have 8 interfaces and I
> issue the above network statement , so I have an eigrp relationship out
> this interface... I dont learn about the 7 other networks ... With rip
> on the other hand this happens ??
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