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Re: Lab Kit (NFR) posted 06/30/2007
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Thanks for the input guys.

We have a couple of guys going for their CCIE at work (RS, Security and Voice) so will spec mainly 2811's.

How about this for a start:

Frame Relay Switch    1x 2811 with NM-8A/S
Access Server         1x 2811 with NM-16A and 2x CAB-OCTAL-ASYNC=
R1                    1x2811 with 2x WIC-1T
R2                    1x2811 with 2x WIC-1T
R3                    1x2811 with 1x NM-4A/S
R4                    1x2811 with 2x WIC-1T
R5                    1x2811 with 2x WIC-1T
R6                    1x2811 with 2x WIC-1T
BB1                    Use FR Switch
BB2                    1x2801
BB3                    1x2801 with 1x WIC-1T

4x WS-C3560-24TS-E
12x CAB DB60-DB60 Crossover (what is the cisco part number for this?)

I went with individual WIC-1T's to keep the interface types the same as the IE topology.

One question I have is if I use the FR switch as BB1, how does this work?


Brian McGahan wrote:
Check the price difference of 2811 vs 2801. 2811 supports more
software features and hardware modules and is a better long term
solution, especially if you want to expand to other CCIE tracks in the
future. For the backbone devices, frame relay switch, and terminal
server basically any platform will do.

	You can find a more detailed spec for our hardware topology


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Hi All,

I just wanted to throw a question out there to you guys.

I have a quite nice NFR allocation given to me to purchase a CCIE lab and was wondering what people would suggest I put on my wishlist for it.

I will be using the InternetworkExpert lab topology.

I was thinking to get 9 standard 2801's with appropriate WIC-1T's, and 4

3560's for the main routers and switches. What do people recommend I substitute for the frame switch and the terminal server, as I am a little sketchy on the options for these items. I dont want to be looking

around on ebay for 2511's and 2521's etc when I can buy something new under NFR pricing :)


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