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Re: openings in India posted 05/04/2007
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Life in India:) don't mean to offend any one:)

check it out and have fun:):):)


Mohammad Saeed

On 5/4/07, Darby Weaver <darbyweaver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Lots of opening.

I got a job notification asking if I was interested in
working in India...

I still think it is kind of "turnabout is fair

U.S. Corps outsource to India...

India is seeking talent from the U.S. in some venues.


So how is life in Bangalore?

--- Iamgoingtobeaccie Iamgoingtobeaccie <heyiamgoingtobeaccie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Guys in India,
>                          There are lots of openings
> in an MNC in Bangalore for Networking guys  in
> Bangalore.If you are interested,please msg me
> offline for more details.
> ---------------------------------
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