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Re: RIP - Default Information Originate posted 05/04/2007
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Can someone please elaborate on why the route map was added to the
default-information originate commands? What is the function of it?


On 5/4/07, Todd, Douglas M. <DTODD@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
my 2bits:

Having been running the gamut on RIP over the last week or so, Rip will generate
a default route when one is not present in the RIB. However, auto-summarization
must be enabled (at least this is what I have found to be the case) in order for
the default route to be generated.

So far what the doc states is true, but it does not mention the need for
auto-summarization to generate the default route. If someone has that url I'd
love to see it..

I am sure you have come across this but:
is a good reference.

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Istvan Szabo (isszabo) wrote:
> Hi Kim and all,
> RIP only injects a default route using default information originate, if
> it is in the routing table AND is learnt by RIP.
> This means if the default route is present, but is static or learnt by
> other protocol, you have to use redistribute.

I really hate to contradict, because I am sure you have a good reason
for saying this, but it is not the behavior I see in recent IOS.

I am running (C3640-JK9O3S-M), Version 12.4(5) and RIP has no problem
generating a default all on its own using default-information originate.

For me, it generates a default even without there being one in the table
at all.  And we have seen this behavior week in and week out in our
class for years.

By the way, the use of default-inf orig under RIP does not generate a
local route to null 0.

Hope we can figure out the discrepancy! :-)

Bob Sinclair CCIE 10427 CCSI 30427

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