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Re: Unicast RPF check! posted 03/30/2007
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Check your frame maps

On 3/30/07, Digital Yemeni <digital.yemeni@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi group!

I got strange behavior and hope someone can clarify it for me.
I have the following simple topology:


R1 is connected to R2 via Frame-Relay
R2 is connected to SW1

R1 frame-relay interface has RPF check as "ip verify unicast reverse-path "

When R1 pings SW1 interface ( i get RPF failure! R2 debug shows
the IP comes from the frame-relay interface and thus drop the
traffic as spoofed IP!

Can anyone explain what's going on?

-- Best Regards! Digital, CCIE# to be assigned by Cisco when it collects enough $$ out of me! :p

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