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Re: +1 in Russia posted 03/30/2007
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Congratulations !

On 3/30/07, Ivan <ivan@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello groups !

  27 March in Brussel i pass the R&S labs. It was very interest expirience in
my life. I think it very similar with sport competition but some easy.
Proctor wich help us in the lab is Eric. Sometimes Stephan help resolve some
issue. Their answer was unambiguously and exhaustive If question is answered
in the same manner. Don't be afraid to bother to proctors they pleasure
during talk with smartest people in this area.
 Advice to whom prepare to the lab. Clarity to itself - does you want to pay
much time and afford to receive 5 or 6-digit number from Cisco. If yes -
enjoy the proccess of "preparing to and during" the lab. When you tire forget
for sometime about harware and take a time with your child. Cisco IOS it is
not final destination of our life.


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