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Re: Network Diagram posted 03/29/2007
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oh yeah,

I like that, That makes sense and makes it easier to track.

By the way whatever happened to Val. I took a class from him a long time ago at
Mentor Technologies.


---- Bob Sinclair <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Loc Pham wrote:
> >    Elliott,
> >    Brian may have more graphical skills under his
> > sleeves ;-)) but I found 'the pipes ' from NMC are
> > very good.
> >   Don't know better way to say it in words, but you
> > define vlans within trunk and use different color code
> > for trunks. 
> >   Hope BobS. or someone from NMC can also help ya.
> >   lP.
> > --- elliottreyes@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >   
> Thanks Loc Pham.  We teach all of our candidates to draw out the layer 2 
> topology separately from the Layer 3.  Especially with 4 switches, such 
> a drawing can add a great deal to the speed and accuracy of your 
> analysis and configuration.  You can see an example in the DOiT lab 
> Sample Answer Key.  It can be found at this link:
> -- 
> HTH,
> Bob Sinclair CCIE 10427 CCSI 30427