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Re: 1st Lab Attempt - Once Beaten, Twice Bold!! posted 03/27/2007
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You put up a good fight my friend.  Some of the last
minute items we discussed showed that you do have a
superior knowledge of each topic.

The first time is always a learning experience and it
sounds like you have learned a lot.

My compliments.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

--- "Salau,Olayemi" <Olayemi.Salau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> 1st Lab Attempt - Once Beaten, Twice Bold!!
> Hello Lads,
> To be honest, I don't know where to start from,
> never envisage that I
> will have to put up such a mail after my first
> attempt. There was
> nothing uncommon, which happened to me, it's been a
> norm that people
> don't pass at first attempt, I was baptised into
> this norm 24hrs ago.
> It all started when I decided to pursue my magic
> number, based on my
> background and lots of commitments here and there,
> couldn't afford the
> pricey trainings and bootcamps around. So I decided
> to do it all alone,
> believe me it was 99% successful. I didn't even have
> to buy any
> textbooks ... my textbook was the DocDVD from which
> I read in-to-to. But
> I must give credits to the IE team for without their
> materials, I
> wouldn't have learnt so much from this wonderful
> experience.
> Surprisingly, in the exam didn't had to use DocDVD
> much, I spent less
> than 30mins altogether checking the DocDVD in the
> Lab. Believe me, I was
> very close to getting my magic number. I think I
> knew what went wrong
> and I'm saying this for those who are yet to have
> the baptismal
> experience of R&S Lab. I knew my stuffs, not
> boasting now but as
> expected, I knew how things work in and out ... very
> thanks to the
> GroupStudy Members, can't begin to start mentioning
> names now ...
> writing this on the train back to London. As a
> matter of fact, I
> finished all the tasks in the Lab, so why did I fail
> then ... only one
> answer.... I learnt on the 26th of March 2007 that
> the almighty CCIE Lab
> is not only a test of technologies but also a test
> of time management.
> I literally completed my final task when the proctor
> asked us to stop,
> the approach I used in the exam was: verify after
> each task, although it
> works for some and don't for others. Being my first
> real test under
> pressure, this affected me, big time. I was so
> nervous, by the way, I
> found Diegem to be the most boring town that I've
> ever been to. Maybe
> partly due to the "Industrial Estate" - Pergasus
> Park where I stayed, it
> was too quite for my liking. But like I told someone
> earlier today, I
> wasn't there to watch the sky scrapers, so I kept my
> focus, but I was so
> so nervous. I arrived 2 days before the exam which I
> regret doing now, I
> couldn't sleep for 48 hours, finally got the Lab,
> Proctor was so nice,
> He made me undo the idea in my head about how evil
> Proctors can be. He
> even noticed I couldn't eat during launch and
> persuaded me to take
> something even if it's Banana and water. But didn't
> have the course to
> approach him, I was very conformable with the tasks.
> Again what went
> wrong ... ok, I'm don't feel bad, disappointed,
> disgusted or sad at all,
> I really am proud that I had to fail on first
> attempt in other to learn
> about time management in the hard way. With CCIE one
> thing, is knowing
> the technologies and how they work, another is time
> management in the
> Lab. Personally, I discovered you must have a TIME
> to the tasks and think at a very high and fast
> speed. Oh! I was so close
> to getting the number ... now is not the time to
> feel sorry for myself
> at all, infact, I've quickly booked another Lab for
> July 1st in Dubai,
> that was the closest I could get, by the way, if any
> of you (outside US)
> want to drop your Lab Date, I need one in May very
> badly. I won't
> relent, no retreat, no surrender ... It's such a
> mixture of salt and
> sugar, an awful and wonderful experience. At least,
> now I have first
> hand information of what it takes to pass the CCIE -
> that would be not
> only the technologies, but also a good management
> approach to things.
> Troubleshooting wise, I discovered all the bad
> configs injected for the
> sake of testing whether candidates know their stuffs
> ... but on 2
> occasions ... had memory block, and it took about
> 90mins to figure out
> what went wrong. Before I knew it, it was launch
> time, and before I knew
> it, it was all over. You guys want to know the most
> difficult of all the
> tasks .... Waiting to know about your result ... a
> part of you says
> PASS, another says FAIL ... I had to wait close to
> 14 hours to discover
> that Cisco gave me another opportunity to attempt
> the Lab, ofcourse, I
> don't see myself as a failure, but saw that I needed
> to work on speed,
> speed of thinking and managing, and trust me ... I
> will not stop until I get those numbers, even if it
> means going into the
> Lab every quarter of each year ... I now see how
> honourable the CCIE
> logo and number is, I commend all those who have
> them, and for those who
> are aspiring, never relent, it's not that difficult
> afterall, don't let
> anyone scare you, if you know your stuffs and can
> beat your chest to it,
> then work on speed and time management ... I had to
> learn the hard way
> ... But I'm proud of this, once beaten - twice shy
> in deed.
> I've ordered some new kits, I will start practising
> and brush up on
> speed asap, if any one has a free slot in May/June
> (Outside US, US Visa
> is proving difficult to get these days, got Belgium
> visa in 2 days), let
> me know ...
> Olayemi Salau
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