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Re: Heinz Ulm - Day-2 - 1st Impressions - Kinda like the 300, but he has 500 CCIE's posted 03/22/2007
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Thanks Danny,

Yes - Heinz is unique - he takes situations and turns
your weaknesses into strengths.

He teaches how to approach a proctor and he teaches
his students how to MAKE an impression.

He hurts uyour feellings and makes you drop your pride
at the door.

However, you are thoroughly reminded at how many
people looked before who walked in your shoes and how
many of them got their CCIE's and some within days of
visiting his bootcamp.

He does not understand how anyone can learn or teach
everything for the CCIE in just 5 or 10 days.

He now offers these in the U.S. but he reminds his
students of his 3 week - Get in, Get trained, and Get
CCIE philosphy.

He is not nice, his tricks and traps are subtle and if
you think you spotted issue A or even B, you can rest
assured you had better find issue C.

His problems are OSI-layered and he expects his
students to know the difference or if not to learn
them - trial by fire.

He and I have talked now at some length and he
explained to me about how many came unprepared but
left enlightened and with solid skills to ultimately
pass the CCIE Lab - time after time.

One cannot argue his results.

One can only imagine how he keeps his students
motivated even when their eyes are blood red and their
faces are worn out.

Heinz does it time after time - he might as well have
a template.

I think you asked about his "Instructors" that he
leaves behind.  They are all former students.  The one
that is giving a bootcamp in Germany right now is
named "Heiko" and he is a "Dirty Evil Bastard" just
like Heinz...

I had the pleasure of experiencing a lab customized by
him today...  He is at least as cunning as Heinz and
may even be more...

Heinz is a master.  His instructors are chosen and are
groomed accordingly.  He watches them just like we
watches us.

It is an amazing thing really.

I would say if you can - do whatever you need to do
and get 3 weeks to get to his classes - even if you
had to do them week by week.  - Although three weeks
at one time would be best - it seems.

I'm not only preaching this, I'm looking for a way to
do it myself.

It is worth it.   3 Weeks in Hell for a career of
being a more capable CCIE...

Not a bad bargain if I am any judge.

His 3 Week pricing is cheaper that most other vendors
2 Week offerings.

His hotel rates are 1/2 to 1/3 the price of places
like Herndon - I paid over $100.00 and $175.00 for
hotels there.

Overall it is not only the most complete training but
it also the best bargain for the buck.

While I like the InternetworkExpert COD, and I love
the reviews.  They are great but they assume one is
going to do labs - Heinz makes no such assumptions. 
You simply do labs and more labs and have more
problems at each layer of the OSI-model to contend

Totally A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

He is professional.  He checks his email twice per day
while giving classes.

He's Germman and is always punctual.

Oh yes - he pays for meals as well - each day - while
he continues to assail your brain with more twisters.

With NMC-1 and NMC-2 -> Probably the closest I have
seen to Heinz, their is no NMC-0 built in...  If you
are behind and need to catch up, you usually have to
do it yourself and perhaps take another week or two to
repeat the class - More $$$ even if only for Travel
and Expenses.  I've been there and done that as well.

Heinz covered this gap and covered it quite well.  He
takes nothing for granted.  He asks you to come
prepared, but if you falter, he is there to catch you
and berate you a bit and motivate you to move on...

His training is simply the B-O-M-B!!!

I'm really wondering why he is not mentioned more here
on GS.

He teaches all over the world.  Someone in the mideast
(Not to mention names) used his name to sell their
products...  Hmmm...  Think about this one...

He was not happy with it, but imitation is the highest
form of flattery.

You won't find his labs on the Internet, on any
Newsgroups or any FTP...  His students appreciate that
this is his livelihood and respect that.

You will have to and visit the Master-Jedi Yoda all on
your own...

Some CCIE instructors have multiple CCIE's but the
very best at RS have one CCIE RS and Mr. Heinz and Mr.
Caslow set the standards for being the very best.

In any event it is 3am in Denver and I have to sleep -
I'm very dehydrated and am still a quite a bit sick.



--- Danny Cox <dandermanuk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Useful feedback Derby, thanks - especially as you've
> spent so much
> time evaluating so many of the vendors.  It's harder
> in Europe - the
> best guys are in the US.  The only other guy who has
> a particularly
> high reputation in Europe that I'm aware of is
> Martin Shortland of
> Kinetic Edu but I he's always booked up with company
> courses
> Ah well
> Thanks again and i hope your brain survives
> Danny
> On 22/03/07, Darby Weaver <darbyweaver@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > If I had to explain why his labs are so unique,
> then
> > one may never understand...
> >
> > Another student wrote me from Germany - Heiko is
> the
> > instructor there and apparently he had a play in
> that
> > nasty lab I was presented today...
> >
> > Someone asked how the quality was of Heinz's
> > instructors were...  Hmmmm...  Apparently the
> apple
> > did not fall.