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LDP question posted 03/21/2007
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Hi, all,
I have a question regarding LDP tunnel LSP which I can't think of a
satisfied answer.
Suppose we have two routers connected back to back, but, LDP is not enabled
on either router's interface. If I configure EoMPLS in between , a LDP
targeted session will be initiated and both prefix-fec and VC-fec mapping
will be exchanged. In current IOS image, the l2 vc will not come up because
the tunnel LSP is not ready. Now my question is, why do we need to enable
LDP on the interface in order to bring up the tunnle LSP? from either
router's point of view, it has label mapping to peer's router-id and peer is
directly connected, it should just install the label (either implicit-null
or explicit null) in its LFIB, and declare LSP is ready, right?