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Re: L2 etherchannel between 2 differents catalyst posted 03/19/2007
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Hi Matt,
  You cannot do this. Etherchannels should be point to point. 
  The only way you can do this is to stack SW2 and SW3, hence will behave as one switch.

Matt Netw <mattnetw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Hi GS,

it s possible make a L2 etherchannel between 1 catalyst in a end and 2
differents catalyst at other end?

SW1 have 2 fastether in l2 etherchannel, SW2 and SW3 only 1 fastehter each,
all switches with int vlan 100 and ip add 1.1.1.x, the port-channel
interface is UP, but there arent PING.

* SW2
SW1 *
* SW3

Any thought, thanks to all,


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