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RE: Thanks posted 03/10/2007
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I bet it will not be long! 

I love how you put "Expert" in quotes. One of my pet peeves is the fact
that term is used in the CCIE title. I tell people I am a Cisco
Certified Internetwork Engineer - not Expert. 

While the title is silly - I sure hope that I can help you achieve it! 

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From: Darby Weaver [mailto:darbyweaver@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Friday, March 09, 2007 2:52 PM
To: Sequeira, Anthony (NETg); bmcgahan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
Subject: RE: Thanks

Not yet, but I think it will not be very long now.

I still don't feel like the "Expert" just yet, but I
think I have learned quite a few tricks along the way.

I'm not sure one ever feels like they know quite
everything at this point.  I have heard many say as

But I am fairly competent on the networks than I
manage and can function day-to-day easily doing my job
related tasks with a lot of help of or digging for

I guess that is where I really wanted to be when I

I have a lab scheduled for May 22nd.

But I plan to continue my learning even after I pass.

--- anthony.sequeira@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> It really is an honor to be mentioned along with the
> names in this
> e-mail. Thank YOU Darby. 
> Darby - have you passed the lab? 
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> Darby Weaver
> Sent: Friday, March 09, 2007 1:33 AM
> To: Brian McGahan; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Thanks
> This word of "Thanks" is to all of Paul, and to all
> of
> the vendors and CCIE's who have taken the time over
> the years to support GroupStudy, and all of
> wannabe's
> and lurkers and those who are both as we continue to
> ease towards the final goal of becoming CCIE's
> ourselves.
> I mean take a look at when these guys are up and
> when
> they are posting.
> Lately, the last 4-6 months or so, I am living on GS
> as much as in a book, on a rack, or at work, and I
> have noticed...
> So are they.
> I recall seeing Bruce Caslow in class once in a
> while
> during breaks watching his mail for Groupstudy
> problems and picking them off.
> I remember the Brians doing the same... or at least
> they seemed to be doing the same - seems like I can
> remember Brian Dennis picking a select quote during
> a
> set of Mock Labs once...  You know he is always
> laughing about something.  This guy must be great at
> parties.
> We all know guys like Scott Morris, Brad Ellis, Bob
> Sinclair, Narbik Kochans, Marvin G., Chris Lewis,
> and
> even a newer generation like Petr, Anthony, and
> Victor
> and never mind some of us who chime in from time to
> time to help another out or offer some type of
> assistance, sympathy, or cheer.
> And for those who do not know for every guy I
> mentioned from the vendors, there are more of them
> in
> the behind-the-scenes doing their thing.  I cannot
> help but think of Val Pavlichenko and Brian McGahan
> and Wayne Lawson and others...
> This makes groupstudy unique and special.  
> And then there are those stories of persistence that
> have motivated all of us to spend just one more hour
> on the racks... tired though we are, I know my eyes
> are burning right now...
> And the tales of how some of our numbers have went
> to
> the lab, faced uncertainty, and passed and then
> those
> who have failed and then kept at it, no matter what
> and went back, sometimes more than a few times, and
> ultimately passed.
> So to all of you and to everyone who comes later,
> thanks for keeping groupstudy alive and well and
> available for the next generation...
> PS: Don't forget to support the vendors, and our
> host,
> and I might remind everyone that some guys here even
> offer rack rentals and need our support as well.
> They are all in the game, they are dedicated
> professionals, they never quit, they never sleep,
> they
> never stop tackling the next best problem that we
> are
> faced.  So we should not fail to remember that when
> and if we have training needs, rack rentals, or
> whatever services they may offer...
> For some us, the lab is just another obstacle; for
> some of these people who have dedicated their
> careers
> to it, authored books, and generally have been loyal
> to the cause of helping each of us attain our own
> goals it is their life and career.  
> Competition is good for everyone.
> So if you get a minute, take a second, tell them and
> remember they are in the business of helping each of
> us succeed in both our career and our own dreams as
> well.
> This job of earning the CCIE can be a tough one for
> everyone.
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