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RE: Extra configuration will not loose marks posted 03/04/2007
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This is a very good point. I found myself in exactly the same boat and I
think that's what saved me. Back in 2002 when I did my lab I had to setup
DLSW. I wasn't 100% and I found out after, when I got home that I included
too much configuration surplus commands so to speak - some of which was
redundant and included in error. However, I passed and I think that this
mistake so to speak really saved me points :). The extra config was ignored
by the electronic marking procedures. 

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Dear All

          One of my friends attend the CCIE lab recently, the Procter Told
him " any extra configuration that will not change the behavior of your
network will no cause any mark detection"

now, do you believe that this is correct. i mean i can do for example the
tagging for the routes when i do mutual redistribution between OSPF and
EIGRP (not needed), just to be in the safe side, to be sure no routing loops
will occour under any circumentances.


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