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Interesting Question,Any answer? posted 02/28/2007
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As switches are 3550 (layer 3 switches) he can use some interface/s as
For same ip address... he has to use nat...
This is what I think.......

Waiting for long explanations by others.

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Subject: Interesting Question,Any answer?

Hi Guys,

Some one asked me this question,Its really interesting,Though should post
it out it is:-

There are two floors in a company which contains two Switches(each floor
has one--3550 Switch).

Floor one contains 20 hosts with IP address ranging frm

Floor Two also contains IP address with same IP address ranging from

Now he said that he wants the switch at Floor 1 be able to ping Floor
2(like from at Floor 1 to at Floor 2) and
exchange traffic and stuff,and the condition is that you dont have to use
any router in between two switches.

So what could be the possible answer/config?



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