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BGP AS-No. posted 02/24/2007
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Hi Guys,

Someone has asked me if the following scenario is "Solvable"

R1 (IP:
router bgp 100
 neighbor remote-as 200

R2 (IP:
router bgp 200
 neighbor remote-as 500 <---(intentional-mistake!)

Assuming that R1 does not know what the AS# that was configured on R2 - (if R1 knows then it can use the "neighbor local-as 500" command to resolve the problem) - how can you figure out what AS# was configured on R2 so u can establish relationship?
Note: "debug ip bgp detail" won't show you that!

I tried to see IF the "wrong AS# 500" shows up in any of the communications debugs between R1 and R2 when they hardly try to establish the relationshops but i could not succeed!! Is it really possible to detect what AS# the remote router has configured for our router?

Best Regards,


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