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RE: GRE Tunneling for ipv6 posted 02/24/2007
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GRE/IPv4 Tunnel:

interface Tunnel0
 no ip address
 ipv6 address 2001:0DB8:1111:2222::1/64
 tunnel source Ethernet0/0
 tunnel destination
 tunnel mode gre ip

GRE/IPv6 Tunnel:

interface Tunnel0
 ip address
 tunnel source Ethernet0/0
 tunnel destination 2001:DB8:1111:2222::1
 tunnel mode gre ipv6
interface Ethernet0/0
 no ip addres
 ipv6 address 2001:DB8:1111:1111::1/64

There quite a few examples!


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Subject: GRE Tunneling for ipv6

Hi GS,

In Cisco Press Self-Study Implementing IPv6 Network book, there's a scenario
deploying ipv6 over gre tunnel.

Cisco uses the following configuration:

RouterR1#configure terminal
RouterR1(config)#int tunnel0
RouterR1(config-if)#ipv6 address 3ffe:b00:ffff:2::1/64
RouterR1(config-if)#tunnel source
RouterR1(config-if)#tunnel destination
RouterR1(config-if)#tunnel mode gre ipv6

I think command "tunnel mode gre ipv6" is used when tunneling is created
over ipv6 network

If so the correct configuration should be:

1. change tunnel source and destination addresses to ipv6 address
2. change mode to "tunnel mode gre" (this is default on int tunnel)

Am I correct?



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