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Re: OT - crypto isakmp identity posted 02/20/2007
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isakmp can use hostname or address as the identity. This command makes it easier to match the criteria in use. For example, some time it helps to use "crypto isakmp identity address" on a router to successfully negotiate a tunnel with PIX.

Refer to the URL provided by others, I am sure there are more details in there ....

Manjeet Chawla
CCIE# 5591 (R&S/Security)

Administrator wrote:
Sorry for the off topic post, I hope someone can enlighten me on this command.

I have been searching CCO, and google to find out how this command is used and why.

Can someone shed some light on why/how/when you would use this command. I am not getting the jist of it in the cco explanations.

I know it is for Phase 1 ipsec tunnels, but just dont really know why you would use it. To me it looks like it is an extra step doing the same job as the key address command.

Thanks for your time, and sorry for the off topic post.

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