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Traffic shaping question ---------------------- posted 02/20/2007
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Hi Guys,

I am simulating:


Gold (1:1 contention)          - IP address
Silver (10:1 contention)       - IP add
bronze (50:1 contention)     - IP add

ip access-list extended Gold
 permit ip any

ip access-list extended silver
 permit ip any

ip access-list extended bronze
 permit ip any

class-map match-all Gold
  match access-group name Gold

class-map match-all Silver
  match access-group name silver

class-map match-all bronze
  match access-group name bronze

policy-map shape-all-traffic
  class gold
    bandwidth 10000
  class silver
    bandwidth 20000
  class bronze
    bandwidth 30000

  class class-default
    bandwidth 60000        <--------sum of all class

Interface fas0/1
service policy shape-all-traffic out

Will this work? Any comment ?