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Bridge Priority posted 02/20/2007
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Hi Guys,

I have some confusion wiht the Bridge Priority.In Some CBTs I am getting
to hear that:-

Bridge Priority is Default Priority(32768) - Vlan Number

I asked my friend,he said Default Priority is  Default Priority + Vlan

In one Cisco Dumentation it is written:-

"Each VLAN on each network device has a unique 64-bit bridge ID
consisting of a bridge priority value, an extended system ID, and an STP
MAC address allocation"


I am really confused(maybe I am getting it wrong) what Priority(in STP
is),also I am not getting if the Priority is Default priority + Vlan
Number or - Vlan Number then what Vlan Number is it refering to? I mean
the Trunk belongs to every Vlan then which Vlan Number it takes while
making the election.(when it sends BPDU i.e.)