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Re: match vlan command posted 02/19/2007
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Peter Gill wrote:
When working through my labs, I've noticed the "match vlan" command is
not available in the 3560 Catalyst switches, but it is in the 3550.
What happened to it and what is the best way to do the same thing in the
Hi Peter,

As you pointed out, the 3560 does not allow a direct VLAN match in a class-map, as does the 3550. I was able to get a similar result using the VLAN-based QoS feature:

mls qos

interface Vlan3065
no ip address
service-policy input SET-5

policy-map SET-5 class ANY set precedence 5 service-policy INT-F0/23

policy-map INT-F0/23
 class INT-F0/23

class-map match-all INT-F0/23
 match input-interface  FastEthernet0/23

interface FastEthernet0/23
mls qos vlan-based

Interface F0/23 is a trunk with many VLANs. I am marking traffic coming in that interface on VLAN 3065 with precedence 5.


Bob Sinclair CCIE 10427 CCSI 30427


Bob Sinclair CCIE 10427 CCSI 30427