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RE: silly questions i just gotta ask... posted 02/18/2007
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1.  Not unless it violates some rule along the way.  With switching, just
make sure it doesn't torque your spanning tree a way you don't want.

2.  If no interfaces are participating in either of those, then no, turning
them on really won't break anything.  If you start messing with interfaces
you may force things to behave a way you don't expect.

3.  Some version of Windows.  Shouldn't matter.  Screen size last I recall
is 1024x768.  I doubt you will have command line, and shouldn't have any
need for it.  Secure CRT (4.x, so no tabs) is your terminal program and you
have access to notepad and calculator without issue.

4.  Notepad at least, I've never tried for wordpad.

5.  You'll be given that information inside your lab as necessary.  I
believe you are asked not to save anything to flash because that could
influence the person behind you or certainly make more work for the proctor
to clean up after you.  Do you really want to irritate the people grading
your lab exam?

6.  Password recovery if you screw yourself up (AAA), interface creation
anyplace (just like frame relay) or just to see if things still work after a
reload.  If you need/want to, reload.  If you don't, don't!

7.  1 or more proctors.  1 or more candidates.  Depends on your location,
day of week/month, and the alignment of the stars on any particular day.

8.  Labs are graded as time allows (see Netpro forums for proctor answers on
this), not necessarily by local person.  Labs are indeed graded without
planned restart (sometimes stuff happens), however IMHO I would make sure my
configs survive a reload in case you want to have a re-grade done.  As for
the specific grading process, being that they say it's results-based, I
would most certainly expect there to be show/debug/ping/trace/etc. commands
run.  If not, I would be very, very surprised.

So despite your config looking pretty, it really has to work!

9.  Concentrate on the technologies at hand.  Everything else will follow!
Practice, practice, practice!


Scott Morris, CCIE4 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/Service Provider) #4713, JNCIE
#153, CISSP, et al.
IPexpert VP - Curriculum Development
IPexpert Sr. Technical Instructor

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Subject: silly questions i just gotta ask...

First post here at group study.  Sorry if the questions are weird.  All of
the following questions are related towards actual r&s lab.  I have never
attempted lab b4 and would like to get an idea of how thier rules work.
Please dont make fun or silly remarks.  I am requesting answers only from
people that have passed r&s lab, please.
1.  Is there a penalty for leaving unused router/switch interfaces in the
"no shut" state?

2.  Is it safe to have commands like ip multicast-routing and ipv6
unicast-routing enabled on all routers/switches even if some routers are not
participating in multicast and or ipv6 activity?

3.  What is the default operating system running on a r&s lab computer?  
    What is the max screen resolution?  
    Is command prompt available?
    What is the default program being used to access the routers and
switches? (eg. tera term, hyperterm)  Are macros allowed on this program?

4.  There is access to notepad or wordpad or both?

5.  Is there tftp access?  
    Is there a penalty for saving more than one configuration to flash?
    Are lab computers connected to a switch from your own rack or separate?
    Are lab computers connected by console?

6.  Are there situations where the router or switch would need a physical
restart due to a problem thats not related to frame relay sub interfaces?
Please name a few if there is.

7.  How many total proctors are usually present during the lab?
    Whats the least/most amount of test takers during a lab exam.

8.  Are labs graded right after everyone is gone?
    Are labs graded without a shutdown and or restart?
    Are labs graded by looking at a cfg or do the proctors actually perform
debug/show and other commands to verify tasks?


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