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Re: LAB1.V3.Volume1 posted 02/11/2007
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Hi Ben,
  my network statement is a type error it should be: network area 45 not 
  network area 45

Ben <ccieben@xxxxxxx> wrote:
  Hello Mohamed,

For the OSPF problem, double-check your network statement... mine did 
not accept that:
Rack1SW1(config-router)#network area 45
OSPF: Invalid address/mask combination (discontiguous mask)

I would suggest changing yours to either:
network area 45
network area 45

You want to make sure that your network/wildcard mask includes the 
interface you're trying to make participate in OSPF. You can always 
check your work with the "show ip ospf interface" command.

Once your interface is included, it should take the 'neighbor' statement.

As far as the Multicast goes - I would assume you get this because there 
(by design) is not a PIM neighbor on adjacent on the VLAN. I think this 
is more of a warning than a true problem.


Tandou Mohamed wrote:
> GS,
> When I configured ip pim sparse-dense-mode under my interface i get this errors message below. 
> interface config:
> "interface FastEthernet0/0
> ip address
> ip pim sparse-dense-mode
> duplex auto
> speed auto
> no keepalive 
> ================================================================
> Errors message:
> Mar 7 09:06:15.440: %MROUTE-3-NO_PIM_NBR: There is no PIM neighbor on this IDB: FastEthernet0/0 -Process= "PIM Process", ipl= 0, pid= 224
> Rack1R2#
> Mar 7 09:07:15.441: %MROUTE-3-NO_PIM_NBR: There is no PIM neighbor on this IDB: FastEthernet0/0 -Process= "PIM Process", ipl= 0, pid= 224
> ===============================================================
> i investigated the errors message according to cisco it says:
> %MROUTE-3-NO_PIM_NBR : There is no PIM neighbor on this IDB: [chars] 
> Explanation There is no PIM neighbor on the specified IDB. The most probable cause of this error is that PIM is not configured correctly on this interface or on interfaces of the next-hop routers. 
> ==============================================================
> The lab said configure PIM on R2, R3 and R5. i don't get the error on R3 and R5 but only R2
> ==============================================================
> Task 3.2 requested to configure OSPF area 45 on VLAN 45 between R4 and R5 when i checked the solution they have:
> R4
> interface FastEthernet0/0
> ip address
> ip ospf network non-broadcast
> router ospf 1
> network area 45
> neighbor
> When i tried to simulate what they have i am getting this errors message:
> Rack1R4(config)#router ospf 1
> Rack1R4(config-router)#nei
> Rack1R4(config-router)#neighbor
> OSPF: Neighbor command is allowed only on NBMA and point-to-multipoint networks
> Rack1R4(config-router)#
> i removed the ospf process and reapplied still getting the same error message
> Any idea?
> Thanks,
> Mohamed
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