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Re: Quick question posted 02/11/2007
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You really just want to read the question. It normally doesn't leave the
question that wide open. If there are two routers that have rip and eigrp...
they will let you know if they don't want you to on a certain router.
Otherwise, i would just assume that it needs to be done on both.

As far as the metric... just put anything... unless you need to perfer
certian routes compared to others.

The best advice that can be given is... "assume nothing... ". You are paying
the proctors to be there to answer your questions. So if you aren't sure...
just ask... When I took my lab... I forced myself to come up with a question
for the proctors for every qfuestion. I would basically read the question,
and then ask... "am I reading this right?" I would get surprised
sometimes... when they say... no... we want this...

CCIE # 17094

On 2/11/07, Jason Carpenter <adventureracing@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> getting close to the lab and had some simple questions
> when redistributing into EIGRP on the LAB is it ok just to throw
> numbers in for the metric? or should I actually try and figure it out,
> bandwith etc..
> When redistributing, if it says to redistribute between eigrp and rip
> and you have 2 routers that it can be done on, should you do it on
> both even if it doesnt specify? or just do it on one to simplify.
> Thanks!
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