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Re: Last minute prepz ! [html-rem] posted 02/06/2007
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Please do not make fun of the NDA or time travel. It's possible you could offend some "back to the future" fans.

thank you
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Subject: Re: Last minute prepz ! [html-rem]

That would be an NDA violation !!! Cisco recently modifed the NDA agreement to include the following: "Fore knowledge of the exam through the use of futuristic time travel machines in any dimension is a violation of this agreement" :)


On 2/6/07, Scott Morris <swm@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Now, if time travel were possible, wouldn't it be more beneficial to go FORWARD to see your exam, then work on it ahead of time?


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Go back in time a few months, and attend one of our boot
camps!  lol...okay,
guess that isn't possible.

Pre-lab Checklist
a.. Remove the Variables, increase your chances, and get your body
physically and mentally ready!
7        Get to the testing city/location at least one day prior to your
exam.  If your time zone is plus/minus more than six hours different than
the time zone of the Cisco office you are taking your exam, plan on
there at least two days prior to the exam.

7        Drive over to the facility where your lab exam will be
held.  Make
sure you know how long it will take you to get to the testing location.

7 Look for a good place to eat breakfast near the facility.

7        Eat a healthy dinner consisting of protein and complex
carbohydrates.  Stay away from greasy, fatty, and sugary foods.  Also, if
you want to eat meat, try and eat chicken or fish (avoid red meat as it
takes your body longer to digest).

7        Get a good night's rest.  Do not stay up the entire not trying to
cram or study last minute materials.  Do NOT take any type of sleep aid
could still be in your system the following day.

7        Wake up at least ninety minutes before your exam start time.  Get
showered, dressed, and go out for breakfast.

7        At breakfast, eat only healthy foods.  No greasy, fatty, or
items should be consumed.  Eat fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, etc.

7        Arrive at the facility at least fifteen minutes prior to your


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Subject: Last minute prepz !

> Hi > > Id like some last min advise on the lab > > > Regards > > RRC > > _______________________________________________________________________ > Subscription information may be found at: >

Subscription information may be found at:

Subscription information may be found at: