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Re: Question about Network Not advertised or Redistributed posted 02/06/2007
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If you see "extra" things being redistributed in the solution guide, it
could be because when you redistributed the connected loopback, you broke
what the router was already redistributing for you and the solution is
showing you that those routes would now need to be manually redistributed.


On 2/6/07, Mohammad Saeed <mzsaeed@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Every bosy,
> My question is that if some network in the real lab exam is neither
> advertised using some routing protocol, not redistributed, that will
> not be reachable in the network, what to do with that? Advertise it in
> whatever routing protocol is running on the router OR Redistribute
> that in that routing protocol OR Go and ask the proctor what to do
> with that?
> Regards,
> Mohammad Zahed Saeed
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