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Re: dot1q tunnel mode posted 02/05/2007
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Ronnie and Patrik,

I appreciate you time and kind response, Thank you very much and I am
clear on this.

Thanks again.

Mohammad Zahed Saeed

On 2/5/07, Ronnie Angello <ronnie.angello@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The customer side of the link is configured as a dot1q trunk.  The provider
end of the link is configured as a dot1q tunnel port.  Frames coming into
the provider switch from the customer switch are normal dot1q tagged frames
with the appropriate customer vlan id.  When the frames exit a trunk port
into the provider's network they are double-tagged.  That way no matter what
customer vlan traffic is being forwarded through the provider's network,
they are all tagged with the vlan id that is allocated to that customer.

On 2/5/07, Mohammad Saeed <mzsaeed@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > > Hi Evereybody, > > When we configure this on an interface on 3550 switch: > > switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q > switchport mode trunk > > that interface will tag all the frames coming from respective vlans > except the native vlan. > > But when we create dot1q tunnel and we configure on one interface that > is connected to Customer site to provide dot1q tunneling: > > switchport mode dot1q-tunnel > switchport access-vlan 1000 > > Now as this port will be receiving traffic from multiple vlans, will > this interface tag all traffic with VLAN ID 1000 (theoratically it > shall not as we are not giving switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q) > or leave the traffic tagged with its original vlan. I am not clear in > what format this interface will receiving the traffic, will that be > normal ethernet frame or ethernet frame tagged with vlan id using > dot1q encapsulation. If any one can expalin a little bit, I will > appreciate that..... > > To me it looks like, all traffic will already be encapsulated using > dot1q and this interface will mark those frames with VLAN ID 1000 and > will pass on to other end of dot1q tunnel..... > > Regards, > > Mohammad Zahed Saeed > > _______________________________________________________________________ > Subscription information may be found at: >