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ned help CCIE Lab, upgrade 2500 IOS posted 01/10/2007
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Hi Guys
I am trying to upgrade the current IOS to ver 12.2 on a 2500 series router. I
am taking following steps:
1) configure terminal
2) config-reg 0x2101
3) router# reload
4) Router(boot)#copy tftp flash
Partition Size Used Free Bank-Size State Copy
1 8192K 5181K 3010K 8192K Read/Write
2 8192K 5771K 2420K 8192K Read/Write
[Type ?<no> for partition directory; ? for full directory; q to abort]
Which partition? [default = 1]
System flash directory, partition 1:
File Length Name/status
1 5305376 c2500-d-l.112-8
[5305440 bytes used, 3083168 available, 8388608 total]
Address or name of remote host []?
Source file name? c2500-js-l.122-7.bin
Destination file name [c2500-js-l.122-7.bin]? c2500-js-l.122-7.bin
Accessing file 'c2500-js-l.122-7.bin' on
Loading c2500-js-l.122-7.bin ...from (via Ethernet0): !
Erase flash device before writing? [confirm]y
Flash contains files. Are you sure you want to erase? [confirm]y
%Error: Image size exceeds flash size

How can I combine 8mb Flash 1 and 8mb Flash 2 into 16mb Flash? So the IOS can
be upgraded

I will appreciate all replies

Muhammad Saleem
Networks Manager
University of Hail
Saudi Arabia
Mobile: 00966508205722