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Re: List Moderator posted 01/07/2007
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It would appear to one as though at least as many "topics" appear to look and smell like the 
  lab questions as don't or posts that are just off-topic.
  It has been said before.
  It is not an untruth.
  One might think it is so rampant that if one is posting or responding or even lurking, one should probably be banned from the taking the test.  There are honest posts too.  But like instructors of the CCIE Training might say - watch
  Who's going to tell me I am wrong?
  Research topics those till one understands them, and then simply lab them up till one feels comfortable with them and hopefully at least now possesses mastery of those "known" topics.
  Go to the exam, look surprised and quietly finish one's lab.
  The proctors know this - more people just blankly type configs in the routers, but can't troubleshoot a frame connection to report whether equipment is either bad or just a dumb error by the test-taker.
  Of course, if one cannot troubleshoot frame but passes the lab on memorized config.
  They said few candidates validate as they go
  They changed the test and almost no one passes for a brief interlude.
  This is not a new thing either, read the list, it has been this way since the list started.
  Even some of the most widely famous now-multiple CCIE's rode this train at one time - NOT ALL of them and Brian knows what we are talking about.
  Back in yesteryear when Groupstudy was new or even before, one training company around the Chesepeake used to coach their aspiring CCIE's each evening.
  One recalls seeing a certain 18 year old at the time's emails flying describing the events... in some detail. (Anyone who care to challenge me - should do so politely - as this material still exists and certain "reputable" trainers and long-time CCIE's might jeapordize their own standing or others who may be near them or even have trained them at this point - 110mb of email attesting to this fact of life that is now history - even emails from exam passers).
  So seeing posts that are now appearing as boldly as ever, is of no certain surprise to anyone I suspect.
  So... if this issue ever does come to a head, Cisco would have to make some deep changes:
  1. Re-think their current design teams and their methodologies about current exam practices (not their fault exactly, but more vigorous exams updates and such would be required).
  2. Enforce NDA violations strictly and severely.
  3. Make re-cert for CCIE Hands-on vs. only a paper re-cert - of course, after too many fail then it could affect marketing.  Better scratch this one. Lots of barely CCIE types breath a sigh of relief.
  4. Take a hit on the credibility of the program for what has or has not happened over the last 8-9 years or so.  This would be an injustice to those who honestly acquired their certifications. I'm sure their are more than a few who are worthy of the title.
  There is a bright side though, people who have passed their labs are now working on networks and are getting experience to go with their labbing exercises and frankly is there any other way.
  This thing has happened to every other cert for the most part and if it has not yet, it may one day - it is the nature of the business.
  I can imagine how some of the vendors feel when they are on other places and even groupstudy alongside of people who are asking for their work.  
  Support the people who make it their life's mission to provide quality training to our profession.
  Knowing the material is the jist of the matter.  The lab is and should be a by-product of the process.
  Well, I've said enough.  Time to get ready to be flamed.
  But hey!
  Let he who is innocent be the first to toss a stone.
  If that thin wall holds up
  I'll survive.

Mark Lasarko <mark@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  I thought one of the most unique things about this list was that aside
from a little friendly competition we're all mature enough to let the
occasional annoyance pass us by or at least twist it into something of
humor... Many GS members, elders and newbies alike, would make excellent
mods for this list, but I cannot see the need.

I am curious what makes you, Victor (The_original_poster) and Noel, think
there is a need for a mod on this list? In comparison to others I am a
member of this is one of the cleanest and classiest.

Also, dedicated moderators take time - for most of us our time is worth
money and the fact that certain members consistently post
[alias: "moderation by obscurity]; is as much as we could ask of anyone

Please feel free to post your config (thoughts and reasoning) :0

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