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telnet access - not expected. posted 12/08/2006
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I am trying to disable the telnet client on a router.
Here is what I configured on *R3*

*R3*(config-line)#do sh run | be line
line con 0
 exec-timeout 0 0
 logging synchronous
line aux 0
line vty 0 3
 *transport output none
*line vty 4
 password cisco
 rotary 3
 *transport output none*

There are two problem. ( basically the transport input and output commands
are not working )
When I did it the last time. with the above config, because of *line vty 0 3
* *not* having
*password* I was not able to login to the router with just one attempt.
and also I was *not* able *telnet out*. because of "transport output none"
now its different. I am able to telnet into the router and also out of it.
Please let me know whats wrong. How am I able to telnet out to *R1*?
May be end of the day, I missed something simple.
but im cant think of anything now.
I rebooted :).. didnt work

Trying ... Open

Username: admin