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Re: Passed the CCIE R&S Lab on 24th Nov 2006 in Bangalore posted 11/28/2006
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Hi Rakesh,



PANDI MOORTHY <moorthypandi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: Congratulation Rakesh

CCIE 17124

On 27 Nov 2006 08:47:02 -0000, Rak Bharad  wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> This is Rakesh G Bharadwaj from Bangalore(India).
> On 24th Nov
> 2006 I took my first lab attempt in Bangalore &
> got my number. The CCIE number
> is 17242.
> Its been hard to believe that I have made this in my first attempt,
> but it surely feels good after all the hard work.
> About my preparation:
> I
> had to quit my job to pursue the certification.
> This cert had been a dream for
> me for quite some years.
> I was preparing even before I quit my job, but this
> was
> not going in full swing.
> I realised that I needed complete dedication &
> time to complete this certification.
> But my employers were enable to process
> my leave request due to some
> internal problems & I had to make a decision.
> After I quit, it took nearly four months of hard core preparation to take
> my
> first lab attempt in Bangalore/India.
> My only agenda for this four months &
> before was to stick to the my task, think, dream about the cert & how to
> achieve the same ASAP.
> I would come out with new plans & ideas as I progressed
> ....
> I mainly used three work books to prepare [IE, IP Experts & NMC].
> But my
> personal preference & my core was Internetwork Experts.
> The other work books
> IP Experts & NMC were good too, they have got their own difficulties &
> challenges.
> I used them as additional resources & tried to extract
> info/knowledge as much as possible.
> Thanks to Scott Morris & Andrew Bruce
> Caslow, you both have done a good job too.
> Mr.Brian Dennis & Mr.Brian McGahan
> have done a wonderful job from my point of view. Please keep the excellent
> work going.
> Your knowledge has been & would be the lifeline of many students
> like me. I would like to thank you personally & hope to meet you folks
> at
> least once in my life to seek your blessings.
> You both are undoubtedly my
> GURU's.
> I have done this only by self studying & have not attended any
> work
> shops, classes, others ....
> So guys who are preparing can do it too & take my
> case as
> a bench mark. If I can do it, why not others.
> I had good friends
> like Oletu, Kumar Guru, Seetharaman, Others .....
> Oletu also known as
> "Godswill Oletu "has always been encouraging me from the initial days & he
> also let me use his home rack
> which was very much vital for my preparation.
> It has been my pleasure to have him as my good friend for now
> & for the rest
> of my life.
> Oletu, I really dont know how to "THANK U".
> Without you this
> certification might have remained as a dream to me.
> Thanks a ton, men.
> Kumar
> Guru, Seetharaman, & others - Thank you very much for your
> support & help.
>                                    You guys have been great.
> About the exam:
> In Bangalore we had the older version of the exam.
> They had
> not introduced the two 3560 switches & other changes ....
> The exam on the
> whole was not too tough, but I wasted lot
> of time initially.
> This was more
> than an hour, since this was my first attempt.
> Later we got an extra time, due
> to some problem in the
> backbone devices.
> This was a major turning point,
> since additional time
> is of great valuable in the exam.
> During & after the
> exam I realised that Cisco is testing the candidates
> only on hard core basics,
> basic troubleshooting & some twists/tweaks.
> I personally feel that this is the
> right way to do, since giving only
> high funda tasks does NO Good if the
> candidate has got gaps in
> their basic knowledge.
> If a person has a sound
> knowledge on the basics, he/she can build a skyscraper with not much of
> difficulty. This has been my golden rule
> & I always stick to the basics.
> Cisco has been doing a wonderful job by testing heavily on the basics.
> Hence
> their is no doubt that CCIE's are valued so much
> in the industry/market.
> Good
> job Cisco & team, keep it up.
> We were really lucky to get the older version,
> extra time, a
> very good proctor & others ....
> This was really a blessing in
> disguise & I am really thankful
> to the Almighty.
> About the proctor:
> We had
> Mr.Maurilio Gorito as our proctor from Brussels.
> Since this was my first
> attempt, I had never had any experience
> with the proctors & indeed this was
> my best experience.
> Mr.Maurilio Gorito is a very very nice person.
> He is very
> kind, co-operative, friendly, ..... .
> This was his first chance to proctor in
> Bangalore & I felt that all the candidates were blessed to have him as our
> proctor.
> He is really a nice person & we should all wish that people like him
> come as our proctors.
> This I am saying not because I got through my lab, but
> because of a very good attitude & kind hearted person Mr.Maurilio Gorito
> is.
> I
> donot have enough words to praise this gentlemen.
> If he ever gets a chance to
> see this Email, I would like to
> say a big thanks to him & would request him
> to conduct more labs
> & be a full time proctor in Bangalore.
> I personally feel
> that having a good proctor is one of the key
> to pass the lab & Mr.Maurilio
> Gorito is surely one among them.
> Cisco should also make a note of this point.
> Mr.Maurilio Gorito - Sir, I would like to thank you once more.
> [If anyone has
> his Email id/contact, please pass it on to him.]
> About Group Study People:
> I have been a passive member of this group.
> Have been through most of Email
> chains for the past few months,
> this has indeed been a great learning
> resource.
> Many people have shared their experience after the lab
> even if they
> donot make it. This is some thing nice & a great help to
> other candidates who
> are preparing.
> The people in this group are always willing to help & go the
> extra mile. This is one of the greats things which I have observed & the
> knowledge which you guys hold is truely awesome.
> I wonder where do you acquire
> this from.
> But anyways its really great to have you folks.
> I would like to
> personally thank one & all in the group.
> I would like to wish "GOOD LUCK" for
> all the people who have yet to get their numbers. You guys can do it & its
> very much possible.
> Key to success:
> 1. Please be a master in your basic
> knowledge & basic troubleshooting
> (Know how things work & fit in).
> 2. The
> core portion of the lab must be a piece of cake to you & the
> rest will fall
> in line.
> 3. Know the Doc CD in & out.
> 4. Acquire knowledge as much as possible
> (Knowledge is priceless).
> 5. Dont try do LAB every thing & from different work
> books, rather
> understand what is the requirement & you should know on the
> top of
> your head how to solve the same.
> 6. I was slow in typing, hence when
> I started my preparation I had
> been to a computer typing course to improve
> my speed & this has
> come really handy.
> 7. You should have Patience,
> determination, confidence, good planning,
> focus, ... to complete this
> course.
> This is because at times its very frustation when you are preparing
> & this is my personal experience.
> 8. One of the key challenges in the lab is
> the level of stress &
> strain you are able to bear. Its really a mind game
> as people have
> said earlier. So try to go with an open mind & remain calm
> as much
> as possible.
> 9. Be humble & kind. You will get the same kind of
> response from
> others.
> 10. Make wise decisions when needed.
>    For example
> - If you have got stuck in a problem for some time,
>                  then
> you should think whether this will affect you
>                  core routing
> or not. If it does affect
>                  then you should attend to it
> immediately if not
>                  make a note of it & have a look at it
> once you are
>                  through with the others. This will save
> valuable
>                  time.
> 11. Having good friends who will lead you in
> the right direction is
>    very important.
>    Oletu stands on top in the
> list.
> 12. Luck is another major factor, but hardwork & effort is needed.
> Luck alone will not be sufficient.
> 13. Getting a good proctor is another
> 14.
> Most of the points which I have mentioned have already been told
>    by
> others in GS.
>    Kindly go through this as an refresher & please donot mind.
> 15. Blessings of Almighty & Elders are very much needed.
> What Next:
> I will
> have to start looking for a job & this is required for making
> a living (just
> kidding).
> If you guys come across any suitable opening kindly let me know
> & I
> am willing to relocate.
> I have around seven years of decent experience.
> You
> can also reach me at rakesh_g_b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> It would be really kind of you
> folks.
> Thanks Again:
> I would like to thank one & all for being part of my
> journey to success.
> Their is still a ton of things to achieve in life.
> Achieving CCIE R&S is not the end of the journey to success,
> its just the
> beginning. So lets move on.
> I would like to thank my Grand Mother, Parents,
> Brother, Relatives, Friends & Others ... who have always stood with me.
> My
> special thanks to my Grand Mother, without her I wouldn't have come this
> far.
> She was the person who infact motivated me when I failed my first MCSE
> exam in
> 1999 & told me that I should always learn from my failures & move on. She
> gave
> me money for my next attempt & from then on I have been flying.
> I would like
> to dedicate this CCIE R&S Certification to her.
> Have a great day & the coming
> years ahead.
> Take care, bye.
> Regards,
> Rakesh G Bharadwaj
> [CCIE R&S - 17242]
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