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BGP - Suppressed Routes posted 11/26/2006
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Hi all,

right now I working in my lab with bgp ..
When I have a look at the output 'show ip bgp' I saw routes with the
following states
s>i174.1.1.0/24                0    100      0 ?
r>i174.1.3.0/24               0    100      0 (65038) i
s>i174.1.4.0/24                0    100      0 i
s>i174.1.7.0/24                0    100      0 (65038
65267) i

can anyone explain me why are two routes in the 's' state ?
This routes are redistribute from two peers.

What does it exactly mean 'suppressed' and what is a possible reason for
this behavior


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