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Re: 3550 QoS - Police problem posted 11/23/2006
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If I understand it right from DocCD, normal burst is what you have above the police rate. 256k-128k=128k => to bytes 16000/ If it should be considered together with police rate, then just 256k=>32000 bytes. In either case police rate should be 128000, not 256000 IMO.

I would go for
police 128000 16000 exceed action drop


Salman Abbas wrote:
Hi guys,
Pls help to answer the following question:
On SW1 int fa0/6, limit all UDP traffic by maximum 256Kbps and normal 128Kbps to avoid congestion on your VLAN.
My solution is:
mls qos
access-list 101 permit udp any any
class-map LIMIT
match access-group 101
policy-map POLICE
class LIMIT
police 256000 _____ exceed action drop
int fa0/6
service-policy input POLICE
Now the part that I dont understand is that second value in the police command which is "Burst in bytes". How can I calculate it based on the question above? Also, am I missing anyting else in my configuration?
Thanks in advance,