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RE: IEWB Ver3 Vol 1 Lab14 Task 4.5 posted 11/18/2006
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It is the MAC address for EIGRP (


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To prevent the backbone router from intercepting EIGRP communications
amongst R1,R3 and R6, an ACL is configured on the switch deny eigrp on
the port that the backbone switch is attached. Additionally, this staic
mac is configured: mac-address-table static 0100.5e00.000a vlan 1363
interface FastEthernet0/1 FastEthernet0/3 FastEthernet0/6

It works fine but the issue i have with this is that I do not know how
the mac address was derived. Can it be an arbitrary mac address? The
solution in the guide does not mention how that mac address was derived.

I will appreciate any answers. Thanks

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