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RE: Has anyone used netmasterclass's Frame Relay Class on Deman d yet? posted 11/15/2006
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Darby Weaver
Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 6:49 PM
To: Adam S. Roth; anthony.sequeira@xxxxxxxxxxx; ivan@xxxxxxx;
ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx; dukelondon@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Has anyone used netmasterclass's Frame Relay Class on Demand


I'm pretty good with Frame.

I've seen the competition and some are quite nice.

But I still think NMC sets the bar for quality, price,
and value.

Did I mention for sheer comprehensive coverage?

How can you not like buying one product and being

I've bought nearly everything there is and I asked
Bruce this earlier this year - why not start a ground
level program.

Well - it looks like he heard me and found Anthony S.
to be a poster child.

BTW - Anyone with access - look for what the guys at
NMC did for switching.  I love their explanation of
the Native VLAN and a few tricks not seen elsewhere.


I bought it - So I'll review it later and let you know
what I think.

BTW - I do not work for NMC.  Not affiliated except as
a customer and I've bought most if not all of the
competition's work as well and am on their client
rosters as well.

--- "Adam S. Roth" <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> LOL if loving their product is BIAS, then count me
> in completely.  I
> will say I am bias.  I have done a little so far on
> the COD and love it.
> Then again I guess I love anyone who returns my
> emails when I ask stupid
> questions!
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> [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
> anthony.sequeira@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 3:37 PM
> To: darbyweaver@xxxxxxxxx; ivan@xxxxxxx;
> ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
> dukelondon@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject: RE: Has anyone used netmasterclass's Frame
> Relay Class on
> Demand yet?
> Yes - I was honored that NetMasterClass asked for my
> assistance with the
> CoD project! 
> While it was a true honor to be asked - I had to
> take a good hard look
> at their approach to this and ensure it was
> something that I would be
> interested in. You see, I have been teaching
> full-time online since 1999
> and I am very passionate and particular about this
> training methodology.
> In my opinion - if e-learning is done correctly - it
> is by far the most
> powerful method of training available, especially
> for such topics as
> CCIE. BUT - if done incorrectly - it is probably the
> LEAST effective
> method!   
> I was extremely impressed with the NMC approach and
> was excited to say
> YES. While I could go on an on about the various
> one would
> really listen (rightly so) since there is definite
> bias in my review. I
> will just say this - I have yet to see a more
> comprehensive approach to
> online IE prep. In fact - it sells the product a bit
> short since many of
> the companies that purchase this product will NOT be
> doing so for CCIE
> prep. 
> I will speak to NMC about a complimentary test
> subscription for Group
> Study addicts so you can all try it for
> yourselves....  
> Anthony J. Sequeira
> #15626 
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> From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
> Darby Weaver
> Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 6:35 AM
> To: Ivan; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Salman Abbas
> Subject: Has anyone used netmasterclass's Frame
> Relay Class on Demand
> yet?
> Looks like Anthony Sequiera is involved with the
> project from our own Groupstudy.
> Any comments?
> >From what I can tell it is Class on Demand and NMC
> Subject Matter Labs all rolled into one subject.
> Plus quizzes.  Looks very comprehensive.
> I guess they are doing one for each subject area. 
> Kinda like CBT Nuggets but this one one Frame Relay
> is
> 10 sections and about 5 hours alone + a series of
> labs
> (4hours each???).
> Seems like it is kinda like CCBootcamp's Soup to
> Nuts
> Workboook but with video and like Internetwork
> Expert's COD but with comprehensive exercises.
> Price is $149.00 list.  Is it worth it?
> Any feedback would be appreciated.
> Frame-Relay Class-on-Demand outline
> -----------------------------------
> Block 1 VOD 1:  Frame-Relay Theory and Operations
> --------------
> Frame Relay support for multiple protocols including
> History (per FRF).
> Theory of Operations (UNI, NNI, DLCI).
> Frame Structure.
> Interface Types.
> Advantages over TDM.
> Access speeds: dial through T3.
> Frame over DSL (over ATM core) see newedge networks.
> Frame-ATM internetworking.
> Trend.
> Block 1 VOD 2:  DTE to DTE Communications
> --------------
> DTE Interfaces
> Encapsulation  per interface/per DLCI 
> physical/logical 
> multipoint/point-to-point 
> Interface Status
> Show interface 
> Show frame PVC 
> Backup interface 
> Encapsulation Types  Which method of specifying the
> upper layer protocol will be used?
> Cisco (default) 
> Type set on physical interface, or on end of
> interface-DLCI, or on end of map statement. 
> Must match end-to-end in that non-Cisco routers
> (Juniper) use only IETF. 
> Cisco routers will work even with mismatch, since
> the
> router does understand both. 
> Enabling CDP
> Disabled by default on frame relay interfaces 
> Can be enabled per interface or sub-interface  cdp
> enable 
> Frame network will be transparent to cdp 
> Enabling on physical does NOT enable it for
> sub-interfaces 
> Block 1 VOD 3: Local Management Interface
> --------------
> Overview:  purpose and operation
> Status information between Frame-Relay devices (UNI,
> NNI) 
> Message types 
> Status Enquiry sent by DTE 
> Status Message Frame sent by DCE 
> Update Status Message 
> Types:  ANSI, ITU, Cisco
> cisco 
> ansi    (aka Annex-D) 
> q933a  (aka Annex-A) 
> Differences 
> Configuration, Autosense
> Show and Debugs
> Number of PVCs limited by MTU.
> Block 1 VOD 4: Frame-Relay Mapping
> --------------
> Purpose, multipoint versus point-to-point
> Dynamic (Inverse ARP)
> Basic Operation 
> Options:  frame inarp interval / ip 
> Limitations 
> Disabling 
> Clear frame inarp 
> Static
> Local Address 
> Broadcast keyword
> Map bridge / clns / IPv6
> Show frame map
> Block 1 VOD 5: Full Mesh vs. Hub and Spoke
> --------------
> Topology
> TTL, Broadcast domain segmentation 
> Mixing static and dynamic maps 
> MTU Issues 
> Controller MTU vs IP MTU 
> Demo:  ping with high MTU, 4000 byte packet from
> spoke
> to spoke with default mtu at hub.  How get packet
> thru.  
> Ping with df-bit set, demo M response.  See debug
> ip
> icmp on hub.  
> Quad Zero Maps
> Block 1 VOD 6: Frame-Relay Switching in IOS
> --------------
> Real life switching equipment
> Lab:
> 2522, virtual switch with tunnel 
> Set clock rate for back-to-back cables 
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