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Re: Flash capacity on a 2600XM's posted 11/14/2006
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didn't you say the XMs have 16mb of flash on the mainboard? you can then add 32mb of flash and get 48mb total. correct marc?

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Subject: Re: Flash capacity on a 2600XM's


It should be 16Mb non-removable Flash on all models.

You just need to create a single FS across it.


thomas.rader@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

According to the Cisco documentation, 2600XM's can have up to 48 Mb of Flash.

I don't think you get 48Mb Flash modules and the problem I have is that the 2600XM only has one Flash slot on the motherboard. I've got 32Mb modules installed, and it only shows me 32Mb.

Do some models have a built in 16Mb Flash, or how does this work ?

Thanks, Thomas Rader


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