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RE: VOIP Over NAT+VPN posted 11/14/2006
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What about using a non-Cisco Proprietary IP Softphone over Cisco VPN
Concentrator and then through a Checkpoint Firewall

Eriksson CallManager ------------ Checkpoint Firewall -------- VPN
Concentrator ----------- Internet ----------- Remote ADSL Router -------
Cisco VPN Hardware Client (Network Extension Mode) ------- Remote Client
PC(SoftPhone Installed)

I've tried to get this setup working, but the Eriksson Softphone appears
not to work fine, couldn't have been the Firewall as I've checked the
logs on Checkpoint and there is no traffic blocked!!

It's really driving me mad! I wonder how my CCIE Lab Exam will drive me
in March then .....?

Many Thanks


Olayemi Salau

Network Analyst

I.T. Solutions Division

Southampton City Council

( 023 8083 4070   7  077 8811 2036 3 079 5825 7509

* olayemi.salau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Just off the topic.

Can somebody provide me some reference documents about how voip works

over NAT.

Can an IP Phone at remote site register with central site Cisco

CallManager over PAT or NAT ?????

Waiting for response




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