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RE: CCIE #17142 posted 11/02/2006
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From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Jung-I Lin
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 8:48 AM
To: CCIE GroupStudy
Subject: CCIE #17142

Dear All GS guru, study mate,

Thanks for your help, I passed my 3rd attemp on Oct 31 2006 in Japan.
At this moment I still need to login into ccie website to ensure I'm not dreaming.
This journey has been for 3+ years, now I can take a rest for a while.
I want to share this moment with you all especially for Mr. Brian Dennis.
He gave me not only the technical foundation but also other support which is very important for me and my family.
I should say thank you sir on behalf of my family.

The only man should but not be able to share my honor is my Father who suddenly passed away after my 1st attemp.
I had never told him that I love him, hope he can see this right now.
So I will pay the most attemption to my family now, "Family First" - said by Michael NewMan(Adam Sandler in "Click").
I wish I could had that remote controller to bring me back to that mement andy say "I love you" to my Father.
Hope that you all can balance between this journey and FAMILY.
Sorry for the boring story, if any one need my suggestion, I have some to share.

I got a lot of help from the Proctor in Tokyo this time.
During the lunch break he gave us his precious opinion - "........
Believe it or not, it took me four times to pass my Lab, I know how you feel in the Lab room for the long eight hour. But you shouldn't been nervous all the days, I personally would not gave you any extra bonous point if you are keeping nervous all the days. (Everybody laugh but I believe also been relax).
Some of you might hear that CCIE Proctor is a horrible guy, but trust me at least this is not true in Tokyo. I sincerely hoping that you all can pass the Lab, that will make my job easier.
Keep two MOST IMPORTANT thing in you mind.

I'm a person who would getting nervous very easily, I couldn't sleep in the night before the Lab date for my three attemps.
But his wording really help me relaxed and concentrated again in the afternoon.
I hope these word can help someone who might be nervous easily like me.

I'm a self-paced student, I mean because of my budget I could not be able to attend any bootcamp or on-line classroom, another reason is my English is not very good.
I decide bo buy some self-paced materials.
So as soon as I passed my written test, I survey some books from Cisco Press and bought the following.

1. Routing TCP/IP Vol I & II.
2. CCIE Pracital Studies Vol I & II.
3. CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Labs.

At that time, all the stupid thing I was thinking is that "I want to pass the Lab as soon as possible"- an extreamely big mistake.
I just want practice every labs/scenarios inclued in these books, I'll only read into the related theory portion if I can't finish some part of the labs.
As BD. said -- "I use a brute force method to prepare this exam and obvious I had a lot of learning gaps".

I failed my first attemp on 1st Mar. 2005. I felt very frustrated at that time but still very ambtious for this game.
Then I switched to another vendor "IPExpert" by another great guru - Mr.
Scott Morris.
After receiving their v7 workbook, I'm amazing that how could he develop such a great workbook.
There are too many things/scenarios I have never seen before.
Then my senond big mistake, "I think I should practice all the Labs included it, if I finished them all I should pass the labs".
If I don't understand why they use certain way to solve the task, I should commit these scenarios into my memory in case I meet it in the real exam.
9 months after my first attemp I went to Tokyo for my second try on 23 Dec 2005, then I failed again.
The IPExpert's workbook is a good product but I didn't use it in a correct manner.
I'm disappointed about this failure although I'm still hungry in getting the number, but I really don't know wherer to go and what to do to improve my self.
In a fortuitous chance, I know another vendor "Internetwork Expert", and search through their website.
These time I decide to stat-all-over again, I followed the ways provided by BD in their website.
"How to Pass the Routing and Switching CCIE Lab Exam"
And ask another great guy on GS -"Victor Cappuccio" - for his precious opinion about this product.
This product really contains everything you need for passing the Lab.
And most important they have a structured way to help you improve your self.
I stick on the method describe in above URL, and "back to the basic" in case I have any doubt in my Lab practicing.

But I really didn't have enough time to prepare with this excellent product very well.
So after disscussing whith my wife I decide to suspend my job for 3 months and concentrate on IE's Product 100% of my time.
Although I spend almost all my saving, but now it worth.
Sorry for this LONG posting, I just want to share all I have.
And thanks for you all, hoping that all of you can get your numbers.

Best Regards,

Jung-I Lin

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