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Re: OSPF External Summary Routes posted 11/01/2006
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Hi Adam,

Could you post your topology, configs and the output of show ip route.
Without this information and based purely on mistakes I have made in the
past :-) you might want to check the router that is hanging of the ethernet
link on the spoke who is originating the RIP routes. You might not have a
route back to your ospf domain on that router. You are able to ping the
routes from the spoke router because the ethernet segment is reachable on
that router. HTH.

On 10/31/06, Adam Frederick <AFrederick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have a Hub & Spoke FR Cloud utilizing the OSPF Non-Broadcast network
> type.  There is a PPP link hanging off of the Hub router connecting to a
> stub router.  There is an Ethernet link hanging off of the Spoke that is
> bringing RIP routes into OSPF.  For example through
>  I'm using the "summary-address"
> command to summarize these routes on the ASBR (Spoke) so I only have 1
> route in the OSPF domain.  I do get the route installed in my routing
> tables, however the IP's are unreachable from every device except the
> spoke that is redistributing.  Any suggestions right off as to why it
> would install the route but be unreachable?  The Ethernet is reachable,
> but not beyond that when I do a traceroute.
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