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Re: "point to multipoint non-broadcast" mode posted 10/31/2006
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Also there are some tricks point to multipoint provides that NBMA doesn't.

For example you can put seperate frame subinterfaces under the same point to
multipoint topology (the subinterfaces would be assigned IPs from the same
subnet. The OSPF network statement would then encompass both interfaces.)

I vaguely remember that the individual links of p2mp can be weighted
differently. Anyone know how to do this?

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Subject: Re: "point to multipoint non-broadcast" mode

> In a nutshell, it gives you no DR-BDR relationships with unicast LSA
> flooding etc (since non-broadcast will require to have a neighbor on one
> side. Normal p2mp would utilize AllOSPFrouters multicast group for both
> hellos and LSA flooding. If I remember right...
> A.
> Adhu Ajit wrote:
> > Folks, I went through different books on this one but I still cant
understand on when I should use this mode over the other modes such as:
> >
> >   NBMA (and or)
> >   Point to Multipoint
> >
> >   Can someone explain ?
> >
> >   Thanks,
> >   Sai.
> >
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