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Re: Multicast issue posted 10/27/2006
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I found out, when i configure:

ip pim rp-address

on the RP this message will go away. Is this neccessary for SD mode with Auto-RP?
I have never read about this. Although it does not seem to change anything.



im getting these messages. But i don't have any "ip pim accept-rp" or ip pim accept-register" configured. These messages sould appear if the RP does
not want to accept. R3 is the RP and R5 is the mapping agent.

*Mar 12 04:49:24.203: %PIM-1-INVALID_RP_REG: Received Register from router for group, not willing to be RP
*Mar 12 04:46:11.451: %PIM-6-INVALID_RP_JOIN: Received (*, Join from for invalid RP

Rack1R3#sh ip pim rp map PIM Group-to-RP Mappings This system is an RP (Auto-RP)

Rack1R3#s | inc ann
ip pim send-rp-announce Loopback0 scope 15 group-list 33 interval 5

Rack1R3#sh access-lists 33
Standard IP access list 33
   10 permit, wildcard bits

Rack1R5#s | inc disc
ip pim send-rp-discovery Loopback0 scope 16

Can someone help out?


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