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RE: IPV6 autoconfiguration on PC posted 10/18/2006
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you should configure router advertisement (RA) options.

Here is good link about it:

 "The Cisco IOS DHCP for IPv6 client will invoke stateless DHCP for IPv6
when it receives an appropriate RA. The Cisco IOS DHCP for IPv6 server will
respond to a stateless DHCP for IPv6 request with the appropriate
configuration parameters, such as the DNS servers and domain search list


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Subject: IPV6 autoconfiguration on PC

Hi GS!


My topology is: ROUTER(fast0/0) ------------ PC

I configuration IPV6 address: 2001::1/64 for fas0/0 and plug my PC(run
windown XP SP2) into fas0/0 and install IPV6 protocol for my PC! But my PC
can not get the IPV6 address via stateless autoconfiguration!


Please show me what I am wrong!?





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