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Re: OT: Multicast Test Application posted 10/17/2006
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a couple of things from outside the list




on 10/17/2006 11:38 AM Frank wrote:
Michael Brooks schrieb:

Is also good to generate mcast streams. Used it and works fine. It's just random data though.


Does anyone know of a multicast test application that I can load on my
laptop/pc and create a multicast source ? What I am looking for is a simple
application that can source a multicast stream such as audio. The
destination ip address of the stream will need to be able to be
configured to a reserved multicast address 239.x.x.x . Also, once I am
sending the stream, I will need a way for users to join the multicast stream
and receive the audio. Any suggestions whould be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Michael Brooks
CCIE# 16027 (R&S)

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