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RE: OT: PIPQ with FRF.12? posted 10/14/2006
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Hi Petr,

Nice link, I was reading Cisco Frame Relay Solutions Guide By Jonathan Chin, I did not read about that good quote you send. Thank!

And more OT yet:
Just wondering why they just do not remove that old stuff from IOS??

I mean, so if the PQ can not distinguish between the unfragmented packets and fragmented packets, then this make the combination of those 2 obsolete right?? 
Why not better doing FRF.12 first and then the IOS Schedule the fragmented packets to another low level priority Q, like normal and the unfragmented to high using a map-class command??

map-class frame-relay NORMAL
 no frame-relay adaptive-shaping
 frame-relay FRF-fragments
map-class frame-relay HIGH
 no frame-relay adaptive-shaping
 frame-relay interface-queue priority high
   frame-relay FRF-UnFragments

:-), just kidding, I know that classification could be done in other way at the ingress of the packet, but could make us "the advance user's" life simpler right, since Cisco is everywhere...

Maybe they are just keeping it there, to make us suffer more at CCIE Jorney b:

Thanks for your reply there are always invaluable

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Asunto: Re: OT: PIPQ with FRF.12?


AFAIR, with PIPQ, classification is performed on per-DLCI basis (DLCIs
are assigend to priority queues).

When you enable PIPQ and  FRF12 at the SAME time, the dual FIFO
is replaced with PQ. Fragmented and non-fragmented packets may go
to the same queue, if they belong to the same DLCI.

FR PIPQ works with or without Frame Relay traffic shaping (FRTS) and FRF.12. The interface-level priority queueing takes the place of the FIFO queueing or dual FIFO queueing normally used by FRTS and FRF.12. PVC priority assigned within FR PIPQ takes precedence over FRF.12 priority, which means that all packets destined for the same PVC will be queued on the same interface queue whether they were fragmented or not
2006/10/14, Victor Cappuccio <cvictor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hello Team, I'm a little bit confused about a configuration requirement

How the PIPQ Functions combined with FRF.12 does to handle the fragmented
packet inside the Queue??

I know that if I configure a PQ, the dual-fifo queue is replaced with the 

When the Packet is in the output Queue of that PQ in front of the HwdQ, how
does PIPQ handles the unfragmented packets and the fragmented packet??



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